First Pro Tournament at 14 Years Old- Wahoo!

Posted: June 7, 2015 in Strive Events



Well it’s a big moment for these two young girls. Katey and Maria are looking forward to their experience of playing their very first $10,000 ITF Women’s Pro Circuit Event EVER! They luckily made it into the tournament and gratefully get to test their games against professional players.

The only expectation the girls have is to gain valuable insight as to what and how they need to improve in order to reach this level of play one day. At 14 years old both girls have 4 years of opportunity ahead of them in order to learn how to adapt and overcome at this level… they are blessed to have this opportunity so they can see what bar they must reach in pursuit of their dream.

It is difficult for one to remain on path if they are not certain where the destination leads. This weekend the GPS is turned on and the girls will get to finally see an alternate road and a glimpse of what possibly could be if they are willing to work their very hardest :-). Enjoy the experience girls!

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