I Just Turned 10, Look At My Grin!

Posted: September 15, 2014 in Strive Events

Strive Tennis Academy

We usually only put posts up when titles are won, but this is an exception because Isabela just turned 10 years old 14 days ago and earned a noteworthy post. Isabela came to us as a 9 year old from Mississippi back in February, and only had played with a real yellow ball 30 days prior to arriving.  She had to try out a couple of times to even get into the Strive environment, but her perseverance and determination is now beginning to produce fruit.


It is quite astonishing her progress. It only took her a whopping 6 months to make it to the finals of a 12’s southern level 3 event over this past weekend. Izzy must have been inspired by 12 year old Kelsey’s unseeded 14’s Southern Level 3 title run last weekend.  Izzy was also unseeded playing up and knocked off a top seed en route to making the finals earning a 2nd place finish.  Isabela’s hard work is beginning to pay off and we look for great things to come from Isabela over the next 12 months.

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