Desensitization Complete…Whew

Posted: June 24, 2015 in Strive Events

katey_and_kelsey_columbus_trophies_june_2015 2
What Does 8 Wins In One Tournament = ?

3rd and 5th Place? You Bet Ya!


Well at least in this one it does. At 14 years old Katey is making nice gains playing up in the 18’s winning 6-0, 6-0 to capture 3rd place in the Ga Level 2 Tournament in Columbus Ga this past week. Katey provided the only loss to 13 year old Strive girl, Kelsey… who then went on a tear, taking 5 match wins total, with the last 3 being in tiebreaks for the 3rd sets winning the back draw and taking 5th place.

It has been a 6 month journey of desensitization, game growth, frustration at times, and a lot of adapting to the 18’s division. Now with a pro tournament under their belt and a healthy and growing win loss ratio, playing up in the 18’s the rest of 2015 is looking very bright. Confidence is very high! Remember… only you yourself can determine your own limitations…we merely choose to turn a blind eye to ours :-).

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