Maria’s 2 Year Journey

Posted: June 24, 2015 in Strive Events


Maria’s …Favorite ride…The Roller Coaster

Quick background context…Maria joined the Strive environment at a beginner level almost exactly 2 years ago to the day.  True story…our youngest player Kayleigh, at 9 years old at the time…who had only been with us for 6 months and was at an intermediate level defeated  Maria 6-0, 6-0 in Maria’s Strive tryout session. That was a wake up call for then, 12 year old Maria, about how much work she had ahead of her to reach her lofty tennis goals. Without hesitation Maria willfully jumped on to the roller coaster head first and eagerly began her journey towards self realization.

Fast forward 2 years almost to the day and Maria just achieved the almost unthinkable….last week Maria reached the finals of an 18’s Ga Level 3 tournament as a 14 year old. Out of all of our players accolades we are most proud about this single accomplishment…not because it is the highest in stature, but because of what it took for Maria to achieve this feat. Maria has lost much more than she has won on her journey, cried much more than she expected, learned much more about herself than she ever thought possible, and overcome more adversities than most players would ever consider enduring. You DESERVE it Maria and your perseverance is a joy to be apart of. It is an HONOR to have you as a student. Onward we charge together!

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