Waiting List

If you have a son born in the year 2005 or 2006 and you would like your son to have the opportunity to get in on our 2015 boys group of 8-9 year old’s then now is the time to act. All we can say is come and see now what you will not want to miss 2 years from now. A special group of 10 boys will have the opportunity to train in the world’s most unique and unparalleled training environment.

We carry a maximum of 10 players for our two coaches to mentor and develop. Only those who desire to reach their full potential should call us. We currently are at capacity for our 2000-2001 group but potentially will have one spot open up in the summer. If you have a child born 2002-2004 we would like to hear from you as well.

If you feel your child has the passion and desire to reach their full potential in the sport of tennis, and you desire to give your child a once in a lifetime opportunity to have their tennis games developed by Heath and Lindsay, then click the link below to fill out the waiting list registration. The only way to know is to come see and experience our environment for yourself. If you have any questions feel free to call us 1-855-U-STRIVE (1-855-878-7483) and leave a detailed message. We will return your call promptly.

Click HERE to register for our Waiting List.

  1. Ildiko Giller says:

    My son was born in spring of 2004 and I wish we met your criteria! He’s played a few greendots in Sarasota and made it to semis, won consols in the 10s. I love your ideal of not dinking, we instill that daily w/ him! Hard to get them to see at this age pushing is not the way to win. Good luck w/ your boys group!

    • strivetennis says:


      Your son is on the border age that we are looking for, of which we would still take a look at him if he is seriously interested.

      We are looking for motivated, committed, hungry boys who will push each other by having stellar attitudes and commitment. If you think your son fits the bill please contact us to make arrangements for us to look at him. Thanks for your interest.

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