Posted: November 8, 2012 in Strive Events

Don’t Let the Tutu Fool You!

Strive Tennis Academy is always looking for players who desire to reach their full potential in the sport of tennis. The development of the optimal mindset is first and foremost the main priority of our program. Please note acceptance is based upon multiple day tryouts.

Selection Process:

1. Player will initially be observed and evaluated by Strive staff while playing in the target environment of match play.

2. Player will be required to take a one hour private lesson with Heath or Lindsay on successive days (Fri and Sat, or Sat and Sun).

3. Players and parents will be required to complete and pass our assessment/evaluation process.

4. Those who pass the initial screenings will be invited to a group training session with our current Strive Tennis Academy players to evaluate group cohesiveness/chemistry.

5. If a player meets all criteria, and is deemed a proper fit for our training environment, he or she will be sent a quasi-acceptance letter and be invited to pre-enroll.

6. If a player is quasi-accepted they will then be put on a 30 day trial observation period before official acceptance is granted 30 days after quasi-acceptance date.

7. Our program is not for the faint of heart. Our goal will be to weed out the players who are playing for the wrong reasons and find the players who are passionate and committed to becoming the best they can be in this sport. If your child has the desire to be the best they can be and are willing to work their very hardest then feel free to contact us for tryout information by clicking here.

8. A player’s spot in the Strive Environment has to be earned each and every month. Hence after acceptance if a child or if parents fail to support the agreed upon requirements of the Strive Environment they will be released. Our environment is number one and will be protected at all times. This is a journey towards the pursuit of excellence and we want it to be FUN :-).

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